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Welcome to AP Fauxs & Plasters

AP Fauxs & Plasters provides comprehensive and professional services in faux finishing and specialty wall textures. Our fields also include color consultation, cement staining, furniture finishes, and finish maintenance. We distinguish ourselves by providing swift service, enthusiasm, personal attention to detail, and meticulousness. Our custom techniques include American Clay, Venetian plaster, Imperial plaster, Lime plaster, Japanese plaster, marble, wood, distress, antique, mural, metallic, and never-before-seen innovative finishes. We adhere to current industry standards. In addition, we use eco-friendly products and LEED certified materials. Our locations include San Diego, Vail, Jackson Hole, and Kauai.

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“Everyone who walks the lobby marvels at the walls and wants the same.”

General Manager, Marriott Waiohai Beach Club Hotel, Kauai

“The kitchen is beyond my wildest dreams. It’s wonderful and beautifully ties in the granite counter tops.”

Groth Family, Vail